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Welcome to the Craig and Laura Dot Com web site. Our site is primarily a way for Laura and I to keep our friends and family up to date with what is going on in our lives. Strangers are welcome to browse around if they wish but not knowing us, they probably won't find the site very exciting. Laura and I live in California, in the heart of Silicon Valley and our families are scattered far and wide from as far away as Sydney Australia, Abu Dabai U.A.E., Edinburgh Scotland and Montreal to as near as Seattle, Kansas City and Florida.  

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Scotland July 2018 Scotland July 2018
Maui August 2016
  Kauai August 2015 
Davies Family - St Raphael Ruibs Montreal September 2014
August 2012
April 2012
Aruba August 2011
Florida April 2010
March 2010
February 2010
January 2010
December 2009 - Nana and Grandpa Murphy visit. Laura and Craig go to a private acoustic Third Eye Blind Concert. Christmas in the Park in San Jose. Christmas. Pismo Beach
November 2009 Coming Soon!
October 2009. Craig does the San Jose Rock and Roll Half Marathon in a blazing 1 hour and 48 minutes. We tour Napa Valley. We go see Disney's Princesses on Ice and we have a private meeting with Cinderella before the show. Halloween.
September 2009 - We spend Labour Day touring Gold Country in the California Sierras. Craig coaches Ross' soccer tram, the Golden Eagles. Gramma and Grandy Visit from Florida. Craig's birthday.
August 2009 - The TiVo Summer BBQ. We see the Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus at the Shark Tank. We visit Laura's family in Seattle, including a trip to the awesome Museum of Flight. Ross and Ian start school at Cherry Chase.
July 2009 - Our wee family goes camping at Big Basin for Fourth of July Weekend.
June 2009 - Craig does the San Jose Olympic Distance Triathlon. Our buddy Jeff visits from Florida.
Ross and Ian do the Silicon Valley Kids Triathlon at De Anza College.
May 2009 - Ross is Citizen of the Month at Cherry Chase. Brandon's birthday party. Lots more baseball. Mothers Day with the Elephant Seals at Ano Neuvo.
April 2009 - We head over to Florida to visit Gramma and Grandy Davies for spring break.
March 2009 - We spend a weekend in Santa Cruz for Laura's Birthday. Crazy hair day at Cherry Chase. Baseball season starts with Ross playing in the Cubs in Farm and Craig coaches Ian on the Rockies in T-Ball.
February 2009 - Laura's parents visit from Kansas City. We take Laura to Monterey for the weekend for her birthday.
January 2009 - The Galileo exhibit at the Tech. Craig takes Ross and Ian to the Oakland Zoo. Ross plays basketball.
December 2008 - Laura, her  sisters and her Mother go to Monterey for a weekend. Craig Ross and Ian go see the Santa Claus train in Sunnyvale.
November 2008 - Soccer, football and miscellaneous parties. Ross' 7th birthday. The Dabels come over for dinner.
October 2008 - Soccer, football, flag football, Craig goes to the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference in LA. Halloween.
September 2008. Craig's Birthday, football and soccer.
August 2008 - Ross plays Pop Warner Football for the Sunnyvale Stealth. Ian's birthday party at the Jungle. We go to see the San Francisco 49ers play the San Diego Chargers. The TiVo summer BBQ. We go see the San Jose Giants. Ross starts grade two and Ian Starts kindergarten at Cherry Chase.
Maui July 2008 - The end of July takes us and Nana and Grandpa Murphy to Maui, Hawaii. We did lots of snorkeling and playing in the pool.
June/July 2008 - Gramma and Grandy visit from Florida. Canada Day picnic in Huddart Park, we spend a weekend touring Napa.
  June 2008. Ross does the Silicon Valley Kids Triathlon. Craig, Ross and Ian do the Muddy Buddy. Bret and Craig come in seventh place. Jeff visits from Florida. We go see David Beckham and the LA Galaxy play the San Jose Earthquakes. Laura, Ross and Ian take Craig to Roaring Railroads for Father's Day. Ian's graduating class puts on   "Sound of Music" show. Ian's Graduation.
May 2008 - Mother Day, more baseball and soccer. Ross, Ian and Daddy go to Moffet field to see a P51, a B17, a B24 and a B25.
April 2008 - Lots of soccer, baseball and birthday parties.
April 2008 - Florida - Our little family heads for Florida for a week long visit with Gramma and Grandy Davies. We see an Atlas V rocket blast of from Kennedy Space Center. We visit the Alligator Farm in St. Augustine, Silver Springs and Sea World. We spend lots and lots of time playing in Gramma and Grandy's pool.
March 2008 - The boys take Laura to Trader Vics for her birthday. Ian and Ross take swimming lessons. Ross starts playing Pioneer baseball on the Sunnyvale Red Sox. Laura's Mom comes out from Kansas for a visit. 
February 2008 - Ross is Citizen of the Month at Cherry Chase.
January 2008 - We head up to Lake Tahoe for a wintery weekend. We take the boys snowmobiling in a blizzard. Ross plays basketball in the Sunnyvale Youth Basketball League.
Mom and Dad Davies visit us from Florida for Christmas.
Nick and Suanne's Annual Christmas Party. Watching surfers in Santa Cruz. Setting up out Christmas tree.
Thanksgiving 2007. Laura's parents visit from Kansas. We all drive down to San Diego to spend Thanksgiving with Aunt Nellie.
November 2007. Ross' Birthday. Craig and Ross spend a day in San Francisco.
October 2007 - Ross and Daddy spend a special day together at San Francisco Zoo. Soccer Picture day. Craig runs the San Jose Rock and Roll Half Marathon in 1h51m06s. Ross is Star of the Week at Cherry Chase. We take Allyson and Brandon to a pumpkin patch. We spend a  weekend at the Grand Hotel. Halloween.
September 2007 - Ross and Ian play soccer on the Sunnyvale Blue Sharks. We do the Family Fun Run at Cherry Chase Elementary School. Nick and Suanne come over for dinner. Sloshed Ball with the Hash House Harriers.
Labour Day 2007 - The Davies clan heads up to Gold Country for the weekend. The boys go fishing for the first time. We ride on a steam train. We pan for gold.
August 2007. Lots of trips to Great America. Out friend Jeff visits from Florida. The annual Hash Pool Party. We take the train with John up to San Francisco to see the Giants play. We go to see the Barnum and Bailey Ringling Brothers Circus in San Jose.
July 2007. Oakland Highland Games.  Ian's 4th Birthday at the Jungle. The Obon Festival in Mountain View. Nana Murphy visits from Kansas. The Tivo summer picnic.
June 2007. Mom and Dad Davies visit from Florida. Craig does the San Jose International Triathlon. We  visit Sacramento, and we spend a few days down in Pismo Beach.
June 2007. Ross does the Silicon Valley Kids Triathlon. Craig, Ross and Ian do the Muddy Buddy. Craig's new '79 MGB. The Campbell Highland Games. Beni Hanas. Father's Day at Roaring Railroad Camp. June is always a busy month.
Disney May 2007. The Davies clan drives down to Orange County to spend a fun filled weekend at Disneyland with the Hoofnagles.
May 2007.
April 2007.  Easter, the San Francisco Zoo and lots of baseball.
March 2007. Ross plays little league baseball on the Sunnyvale "A"s. Nana and Grandpa visit from Kansas City. Ian starts swimming lessons. Ross learns to ride his bike without training wheels and Ian learns to ride a bike.Ross raises almost $500 for his school in the Cherry Chase Walk-a-Thon, Ross walks over 6 miles. Ross plays soccer on the Sunnyvale Red Tigers.
February 2007. Children's Discovery Museum in San Jose, the Oakland Zoo and Santa Cruz weekend for Laura's birthday.
January 2007. Monterey and Santa Cruz.
Christmas 2006. Our little family heads to Florida to spend Christmas with Gramma, Grandy, Murray, Judy, Meghan and James.
Maui November 2006
October 2006. Craig runs in the inaugural San Jose Rock and Roll Half Marathon. Craig logs an respectable 1h51m 50s. Ross and Craig go to see the San Francisco 49ers play the San Diego Chargers, complete with a tailgate party.
September 2006. Ross' first soccer game. Several trips to Great America and Bonfante Gardens. Craig's Birthday. A weekend in Monterey where we saw a Great White Shark at the Aquarium.
August 2006. Lotsa Hashes. Ross and Craig go Sailing.
The Annual QSS Company Picnic at Baylands Park in Sunnyvale. Excelent catering provided by Armadillo Willy's Barbeque.
Craig's family visits from Montreal and Florida, we visit Yosemite, Lake Tahoe and various points in the Bay Area. Ross goes Boogie Boarding for the first time.
July 2006. Our Annual Canada Day picnic in Woodside. The Fourth of July in Mountain View. We take the train to go see The San Francisco Giants at ATT Park.
June 2006. Craig and Bret compete in the Muddy Buddy Adventure race. Ross and Ian do the Mini Muddy Buddy.
June 2006 Kansas City. Our little family heads out to Kansas City to Surprise Grandpa Murphy for his birthday.
May 2006. Ross' swimming lessons. Bike riding at Shoreline. Mother's Day Mini Putt.
April 2006. Easter egg hunting. A weekend trip to Monterey and the Aquarium.
March 2006. Nana and Grandpa Murphy visit from Kansas. We take an epic journey to Oregon to trace the Pioneer roots of the Murphy Clan.
Laura's Birthday. We head up to Lake Tahoe for a weekend of swimming and snow tubing. We got caught in a blizzard and it took us six hours to get over Donner Pass. We stayed in Carson City and also visited the neat old town of Virginia City.
February 2006. Daniel, Birte and David come over for dinner. We go and see "Finding Nemo on Ice" at the Shark Tank in San Jose.
January 2006. Just Hanging around Sunnyvale.
Christmas in Montreal. Our little family heads up to Montreal to spend a white Christmas with Craig's Family. Ross and Ian get to play in snow for the first time.
December 2005. Christmas in the Park in San Jose. The Tivo Christmas Party. Nick and Suanns Christmas Party.
November 2005. Ross turns four. Ross' birthday party at the jungle. Nana and Grandpa Murphy visit from Kansas.
October 2005. Laura and her family visit Paris France.
October 2005. The Ben Lomand Highland Games.  Ross' friend Sujay has a birthday party. Tivo's Halloween Party. Craig runs the Silicon Valley Half Marathon in 1 hour 56 minutes. Halloween.
September 2005. Labour Day Weekend we spend at Gold Rush Days in Old Sacramento with a visit to the California State Railroad Museum. Our Little family goes to SBC Park to watch the San Francisco Giants defeat the LA Dodgers. Craig's Birthday. Ross and Craig go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the San Francisco Zoo
Seattle/Vancouver August 2005.  Our little family heads up to the Great North West. Nana and Grandpa Murphy and John North from Tennessee join us to visit Uncle Wayne, Aunt Carol, Cousin Austin, Cousin Jessica, Aunt Colleen and Aunt Lynn. We also drive up to Canada to our visit  friends Richard and Lynn.
August 2005. The kids hash at Huddart Park in Woodside. Ross and Craig watch the 49ers play the Raiders. We go to see the Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus in San Jose.
August 2005. Check out the QSS Company Picnic at Baylands Park in Sunnyvale. 
July 2005. Independence Day at Shoreline Park. The Oakland Highland Games. Ian's Birthday. The Los Altos Wine and Art Festival. Craig runs from Napa to Sonoma in the Wine Country Half Marathon in 1h54m26s.
June 2005. A very busy month indeed. Frolicking at Shoreline Park in Mountain View. The Sunnyvale Art and Wine Festival. Ross has his first swimming lesson. The Ardenwood Celtic Festival in Fremont. Bret Dabel and I compete in the Muddy Buddy Adventure Race in San Jose. We placed 16th out of a field of 65 teams in our division.
May 2005. Mother's Day 2005. Nana Murphy visits from Kansas City. We visit San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Monterey.
Our little family goes camping at Lake San Antonio, California. Craig does the Wildflower Mountain Bike Triathlon in a time of 1:20:33.
April 2005 - The Hash House Harriers Red Dress Run. Laura and Ross go and see The Wiggles Live in Concert. Craig takes Ross and Wee Ian to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
March 2005 Laura's Birthday and just hanging out in Sunnyvale.
February 2005 Ross has his tonsils removed. Gramma and Grandy Davies Visit from Florida. 
January 2005 brings a visit from John North and a trip to the Oakland Zoo.
The magic of Christmas comes once again. We bought a really big tree and Nana and Grandpa Murphy visit from Kansas City.
Our little family flies up to Seattle to spend Thanksgiving with the Murphy Family. We take a ferry to Whidbey Island to meet Richard and Lynn and we visit the Museum of Flight.
Fall in California. Sue Anne, Nick, Max and Ian come over for dinner. We go for a bike ride with Birte, Daniel and David.
Our little boy Ross turns 3 years old. He has a party with his friends at the Jungle and Adventure.
October 2004

Nana and Grandpa Murphy visit. Craig does his first half marathon.

September 29th through October 9th

We head off to Cancun, Mexico where we meet up with Murray, Judy, Meghan and James to celebrate Gramma and Grandy's 50th wedding anniversary with them. 

September 2004

The Mountain View Wine and Art Festival. The Children's Discovery Museum in San Jose. Ross and Ian at Play.

Labour Day Weekend. Our little family takes a road trip up to the High Sierras. Craig successfully completes a triathlon at an altitude of 7200 feet at Bear Valley, California. We also stay at Lake Tahoe in Nevada.
Wow, Craig does his first Triathlon. This event held in Pleasanton, California had a 400 yard swim, 11 mile bike ride and a 3.1 mile run. Craig's time was 1 hour 22 minutes and 30 seconds.
Ross and Ian take the train to San Francisco and see the Giants play the Cardinals.
July 2004, our friends Tom, Sue and their family visit from Denver and New Zealand. Fourth of July Fireworks and Paramount's Great America. Ian's first Birthday.
June 2004, Including the Freemont Celtic Festival and Bonfante Gardens in Gilroy.
Montreal May 2004. We packed up our little family and headed up to the Great White North to visit Family and Friends.


We are on TV yet once again, this segment is being played across the nation on NBC. Check out the latest news clip which was aired in New York:

NBC News Channel 4 New York

Our story was covered by Dr. Dean Edell recently on our local  ABC affiliate KGO!

For Dialup Users click here to see the video! 

For Broadband Users Click Here to see the video!

Wow we finally made the front page. Check out this full colour front page article from the San Mateo County Times!

Are we getting famous or what? Here is an article that included Laura, Ross and Craig that appeared in the San Jose Mercury New! on June 16th, 2003.

KNTV Interview on NBC May 21, 2003

Old Stuff I Can't Bring Myself To Get Rid Of

Wow, Ross Cameron has arrived, check him out - Updated 11/22/01

Ross Cameron Davies was born at 11:09 am on November 7th, 2001. Our 6 pound 7 ounce little bundle of joy has arrived! Mother and baby are doing well and resting up at Stanford University Hospital. Check back often for new pictures!

Updated 11/17/01

Bay to Breakers 2000

The Race

This year, Laura and I ran in the Bay to Breakers in San Francisco. It is the second oldest and the largest footrace in America and quite possibly the world. Almost 100,000 people ran in the race. It took us half an hour after the race started just to get to the starting line.

The Finish Line

The race is seven and a half miles long and starts at the San Francisco Bay. The race winds through the streets of San Francisco and ends at the breakers (waves) of the Pacific Ocean. After the race there was a huge party with live bands and tons of beer (of course). We are going to run in it again next year.


Riding Across The Golden Gate Bridge

Laura and I with our bikes. We parked our car at the ferry terminal in San Francisco and then we rode down the Embarcadero past Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf, through Fort Mason and the Presidio, over the Golden Gate Bridge, and then down into Sausalito. Then we had a great lunch at horizons (and a few beers to boot). We then took the ferry back to San Francisco.

All in all, a great day!




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