Ano Nuevo California 2001

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     Laura and I took a trip with our friends Richard and Lynn, over to the coast to the Ano Nuevo California State Park. The Ano Nuevo State Park is the home and breeding ground of the Northern Elephant Seal. Every year from November through March, thousands of Northern Elephant Seals mass at the park for breeding season. The Elephant Seals spend most of the rest of the year at sea. They can stay underwater for over two hours and they can dive to a depth of 5000 where they feed on squid. The male Elephant Seal grows to over 18 feet in length and can weigh over 5000 pounds.  We went out on a three hour tour with a Park Docent and 5 other people. We got as close as 20 feet away from these massive creatures.

Click here to see the pictures of our trip to see the Elephant Seals at Ano Nuevo.

Click here to see a live Elephant Seal Cam At Ano Nuevo Park