Gold Country September 2001

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     For Labour Day Weekend, Laura and I decided to head up to the California Gold Country. We stayed at the historic National Hotel in the picturesque Gold Rush era town of Jamestown. Jamestown has one of only two working railroad roundhouses in the US, where they have an extensive collection of antique locomotives and railcars. The main street of Jamestown has been used as a set for many motion pictures including the 1952 western classic High Noon. While out exploring the country side I was able to make a new friend, I didn't mind that he made a bit of an ass of himself! Gold country is very beautiful with lots of scenic vistas

    We visted the historic town of Columbia which was turned into a state park in 1945. The park is really cool and is operated as a living museum and is almost exactly as it was during the California Gold Rush. Unfortunately, Laura got all liquored up and into a bar room brawl and was subsequently locked away in the town jail. While visiting the town we went on a stage coach ride. We ran into some more trouble when a highwayman robbed the coach!

    After surviving that adventure, we headed off to the world famous Mercer Caverns. We descended 16 stories down into the Mercer Caverns, all the whole admiring the many stalagmites, formations and minerals deposits.

      Driving down the road just south of Jackson, we saw this really neat old building  and we saw this sign on the main street of Jackson.


Click here to enjoy the photo album of our journey!