May 2001

      Laura and I made our annual pilgrimage from San Francisco to Shawnee, Kansas to see Laura's family. Laura's twin sisters Carol and Colleen with Carol's children Austin and Jessica came all the way from Seattle. On the first night, we all went to the world famous Hayward's Bar-B-Que for dinner. Laura's father Ross  had found an old treasure map, so we mounted an expedition and we went in search of a pirates lost treasure. After surviving many dangers and many  exciting adventures we finally found the location of the treasure. Carol and Austin dug furiously  for what seems like hours before they finally uncovered the treasure.  We had the chance to get together with Laura's best old friends Stacey and Diane. We met them for a couple of drinks at Paddy O'Quigleys and the next day we met them for lunch at the Country Club Plaza!

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