Los Cabos February 2001

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  In February, Laura and I took a little vacation in Los Cabos on the California Baja Sur in Mexico. We stayed in the beautiful Villa del Palmar resort in Cabo San Lucas. As usual, we had many exciting adventures. Like a really good dime store novel, we had romance, danger and mystery. Whilst on Playa del Amour (Lovers Beach) I asked Laura if she would be my bride, at first she said no, but after I stole her plane ticket and threatened to leave her stranded  in Mexico, she finally consented (just kidding, she said yes). We had danger, in that I sustained a life threatening injury to my right leg while partying at the world famous El Squid Roe. I had to be rushed to a Mexican hospital in order to have my leg sewn back on. The mystery is, where did all our money go? I think it was tequila but you never know!

Click here and here to see some pictures of the rock that I gave to Laura.

Despite the Mexican cultural reckless disregard for safety, Laura and I decided that we would go Parasailing. We went up in a tandem harness, the views were unbelievable. Before we went up, Laura thought that we should get more than 10 minutes for the money that we were paying, after 5 minutes aloft though, she was ready to come down again! Click here to see the pictures of our parasailing adventure.

Click here to enjoy the photo album of our journey!