Maui 2000 

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The Wahine on the lanai.
  The Big Kahuna at Kaanapali Beach,that's Black Rock behind me, a great place to snorkel, there are always Sea Turtles there.
This was pretty cool, this scene is carved entirely out of sand (except the Wahine of course).
Here we are at the Banyan tree in Lahaina. Notice the Christmas lights.
The Big Kahuna coming out of Beni Hanas.
All dressed up for New Years Eve Y2K, Hawaii style!
We celebrated the coming of new millennium at Kaanapali beach, it was a great way to ring in the New Year!
A Little duck and some coy Koi.
The Botanical Gardens and Plantation in Maui.
Some of the very cool indigenous flora.
The Wahine whale watching, we saw many dozens of whales both from shore and out sailing.
Moose McGillycuddy's for burgers and beer.
That damn Banyan tree again!
Enough with the Banyan tree already.
Slow down, turtle crossing.
The  Haleakula lava fields near La Perouse Bay, this eruption was only 200 years ago.
   This Green Sea Turtle was just floating by a dock.
  At first we thought he was dead but after about five minutes he woke up and swam away.
   We walked through an old Chinese cemetery, it was on a sand beach by the ocean and lots of old bones had come up through the sand. It was pretty spooky.
  Ohoy mates, thar she blows! Aboard the floating museum the Cartaginian. 
  Wooo Wooo, The Sugar Train from Lahian to Kaanapali 
  Chuga Chuga Chuga
  Wooo Wooo, it is a narrow gauge railway that was built to haul sugar, now it hauls tourists.
  Wooo Wooo 
  At the end of the track, they turn the engine around on a turnstile.
   We sailed over to Lanai on a catamaran to do some snorkeling.
   These dolphins swam by the bow of the catamaran while we where under sail. I climbed out on the bow and I was only two feet above them as they swam along. Pretty cool!
   The sailor chick.
  The sailor dude.
  We put the spinnaker up for the return voyage.
We saw many whales on the way back (that's us up there not whales, I was just commenting)
The sailor chick again. Check out the bow on that baby!
And a nice seaside dinner to end the day.