This is my father, Ross senior at the beach in Jamaica. Check out those pects!
This is my mom, Carol and I at Ray's Boathouse in Seattle.
Carol, the new mom covertly feeding baby Austin.
Colleen and I sharing a sisterly moment, ain't we cute!
Well, here's a very tired daddy Wayne and a very tired baby Austin finally getting some sleep.
Austin and I are sharing our own private joke.
Grandpa Ross and Austin relax at Carol & Wayne's.
Austin is a very cool baby, dig those shades!
Austin is such a cutie, he's usually always laughing and smiling. He sure is a happy baby (except when he needs his diaper changed, and that's more often than you might guess).
What a hunk!, here is Craig with his '69 Mustang, which is being completely restored at this moment.
Craig & I went to Montreal to see his family in October. We had a great visit. It was a blast!
We had a Birthday feast for Craig with his brother Murray, wife Judy, dad Ian, and mom Janie. We ate at Auberge Saint Gabriel, which has been operating as a restaurant since 1754! It was old.
Craig has his hands full with nephew Jamie and niece Megan. They are very sweet kids.
We also rounded out our visit with a trip to Quebec City. It was fantastic, the architecture, the food, the ambiance... And check out the hotel we stayed at in the background, The Chateau Frontenac, gorgeous!


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